Iniziativa di solidarietà a favore dei profughi ucraini: la risposta del comune di Przemysl

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Pubblichiamo la risposta e i ringraziamenti pervenutici dal comune di Przemysl

Al fondo lo stralcio in Italiano

Szanowni Państwo,

Dear Sir
In reference to our conversation regarding your willingness for an in-kind and monetary support for the benefit of refugees from Ukraine, we are sending you all the necessary information while expressing our gratitude.
The money will be used for the most necessary investments related to the current activities, including the construction of the Refugee Assistance Center in Przemyśl.
Below you can find a list with the most needed items, which are being used on an ongoing basis and need to be supplemented by further deliveries.
IMPORTANT: Please do not buy or bring clothes. They are not needed by the refugees at this stage.

Most important needs:
Equipment: power generators, emergency medical tents PRO (length about 5-6 meters), heaters for tents, field beds, sleeping bags, outdoor construction lighting (LED), mattresses, pillows, quilts flashlights, disposable bed linen, batteries for flashlights, travel cribs for babies, feeding chairs, sleeping bags, head flashlights, first aid kits, thermal blankets, tourist stoves with gas cartridges, gas cartridges for stoves, chemical heaters, extension cords....

Thank you for your support!
Pozdrawiam serdecznie / Kind regards,
Maciej Wolański

Kierownik Biura Prezydenta Miasta Przemyśla/ Head of the Office of the Mayor of Przemyśl Urząd Miejski w Przemyślu/ City Hall in Przemyśl


Caro Signore, con riferimento alla nostra conversazione riguardante la vostra disponibilità a fornire supporto in beni e in denaro a beneficio dei rifugiati dall'Ucraina, vi mandiamo tutte le informazioni necessarie mentre esprimiamo la nostra gratitudine...
Il denaro sarà impiegato per le spese più necessarie correlate alle attività correnti, compresa la costruzione del Centro Assistenza Rifugiati in Przemysl...
Grazie per il vostro sostegno!